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Sl. No.Date ActivitiesResponsibility
Bangalore - International Airport Campus, Muthugadhahalli
130.08.2017 - 09.09.2017 MoM program for MBA students Dr. Rajasulochana, Prof. Susmita, Dr. A Prakash
205.09.2017Teachers DayMBA & PGDM students
316.09.2017Graduation Day
Chief Guest : Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Chief of Kennametal Knowledge Centre Kennametal (I) Ltd Bangalore
Dr. H Prabhakar
418.09.2017"WTO and a preview of the International Trade Landscape" workshop by Prof. Shanker. S, Adjunct Faculty, Indian Institute of Management - Bangalore (IIM-B), Two sessions
Session 1 : WTO and the International Trade Landscape : Emerging Trends
Session 2 : Institutions that Facilitate International Trade, other than WTO
Dr. A Prakash
520.09.2017Inauguration of Corporate Interface Team
Chief Guest : Mr. B C Rao, Managing Director, Kennametal (I) Ltd, Bangalore
Dr. H. Prabhakar
623.09.2017Faculty Development Program on "Intellectual Property Rights: Significance in Business & Research " a) Key Note : Dr. K Ramadas, b) Theme Facilitation and IP initiatives being promoted by VTPC Karnataka: Mrs. Prabhavathi Rao, Principal Coordinator, VTPC ;
session 1: Introduction to the IP Spectrum - Dr. S Rama Murthy, Senior Advisor, Origiin IP Solutions, Bengaluru ;
Session 2: Patentability Checklists (a) What is patentable and what is not. (b)Patent Filing Mechanisms and Procedures : Dr.Sarasija Padmabhan, IP Specialist - Life Sciences, Bengaluru.
Session 3 : All that one should know about Prior Art Search : (Online Lab Session) Dr.Sarasija Padmanabhan, IP Specialist;
Session 4 : Road to Market : How to generate Value/money from your IP creations. Dr. S Rama Murthy, Senior Advisor, Origiin IP Solutions.
Dr. A Prakash
TO BE CONDUCTED Based on min 60 students enrollment by payment of Rs. 1,150/- Participation fee to IIM-C
28.09.2017 - 29.09.2017CarpeDiem
Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C) Calcutta Event First Round-Workshop to be conducted in IIBS, NC Campus, Mathugadhahalli, Bangalore, Workshop training on one of the following 6 topics:
a) Entrepreneurship
b) Digital marketing,
c) Soft skills,
d) Investment risk management,
e) Business Analytic,
f) Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Above mentioned topics are chargeable and every topic will be of 2 days training (16 hours ) and registration Charges are 1150/- per student and minimum 60 students should be there.
All students will be provided the training certificate from CarpeDiem (IIM Calcutta Event) and MakeIntern.(Intra collage Competition):
The students, getting trained will be going through a selection procedure on the end of second day of training, total 5 students will be selected.
Selection Procedure(Subject to Change):
1. Mock Test & Quiz
2. Group Discussion
3. Operational idea.
Finale Round at Carpe-Diem (IIMC Event): 5 selected students will be participating in final competition in CarpeDiem (IIM-Calcutta Event). Prize announcement:
1. Top 3 Colleges would be awarded
2. Prize money of worth 1 Lac.
3. Winning Trophy along with medals
4. Merit Certificates.