An Activity for Creativity Enhancement of PGDM Student at IIBS

Posted by Prof. Kuldeep Sharma On 08/07/2019 12:15:47

Innovations in the Classroom: Improving the Creativity of PGDM Students of IIBS Bangalore Campus. This exercise builds on factors that enhance creativity. It also allows the student to go all the way through a creativity process.

An Activity: The participants are encouraged to showcase their artistic skills, imagination Creativity, innovative ideas incorporating in 3D modelling of industries new or existing and presenting the business plan facts & figures!

SOLUTIONCRAFT: An Activity for Creativity Enhancement & Resources Management

Learning Objectives: The participants learn about planning, organizing, directing, and working as a Team

  • The participants learn to present the idea and difficulties faced by them
  • The participants know each other, not only by names but also by work habits & knowledge  
  • The participants are encouraged to use items from waste & recycling to save the environment              
  • The participants are made aware of time constraints & the importance of meeting the deadlines
  • The participants are initiated into management learning in a practical hands-on method and raising questions and finding answers    


Where participants need to plan for their portfolio of 3D Model of Industry, viz. Hospital, Hotel, Retail Mall,  Production & Manufacturing Industry, Steel Plant, Nuclear plant, Green Technology based plants, solar plants, Dream Educational Institution etc.

And Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Small handicrafts, paper craft etc.

Items made of waste & garbage items using creativity and imagination etc.

All teams will compete for Quality of Planning, Organizing their Team & Tasks, Execution of task in time Number of items will also help to win the teams.

At the end of the MOM program, overall winner teams will be recognized for the display of their Management knowledge, skills & Artistic skills.


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