Kolkata Institute of Management is the steppingstone for your career goals

Posted by Bansh On 16/02/2017 01:04:48

Management institutes are meant to be career-enablers beyond ensuring mere academic gratification. MBA aspirants’ generally perceive their institutes to be pedestals to lucrative & fulfilling careers in business landscape. This overriding objective is the reason behind some regions being more preferred than the rest. Kolkata is one such more attractive MBA destination; Kolkata Institutes of Management are revered to be springboard for career goals. This preferential position has not come about without a list of factors that have taken MBA colleges in Kolkata to an altogether different league.

  • To begin with, Kolkata Institutes of Management have come through a proper B-School orientation – the presence of IIM-C, the torch-bearer of management education, has helped them to emulate and look up to in terms of nurturing talent in congruence with the demands of the corporate world. As a result, a majority of institutes give out the impression of generally being highly competitive & relevant to industry standards.
  • Quite befitting to their competitive spirit, campuses at Kolkata B-Schools too are benchmarked to global management education standards – learning facilities, teaching methodology, student accommodation & amenities all echo complete sophistication.
  • In addition, Kolkata institutes of management are so well-connected with corporate world that they can prepare students for the practical challenges through Internship Training at MNCs and Fortune Companies.
  • As for the quality of teaching faculty & visiting speakers, B-Schools in Kolkata are bestowed with eminent academicians and business leaders who can bring about catalytic change in aspirants’ academic as well as business faculty.
  • Most significant of all, colleges for MBA in Kolkata are widely known for being ranked in elite list of B-Schools that have consistently put up impressive show in terms of 100% Placement as well as lucrative offers at campus selections. Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C), IIFT - Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Vidyasagar College, Techno India College of Technology (TICT), Techno India, TASMAC, Pioneer College of Management (PCM), NSHM Business School have distinguished themselves in this regard.

Judging by these merits, it is only fair to conclude that MBA colleges in Kolkata have mastered the recipe for launching management careers. And, when it comes to master-minding management careers, International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) deserves a special place for its Placement credentials & package offered to its students at the campus selections. Hence, IIBS too can help launch & realize your career goals.