Management Institute in Kolkata as a preferred choice for your MBA education

Posted by Bansh On 11/02/2017 02:00:09

Kolkata has traditionally been the breeding ground for Management Education, and MBA from Kolkata management institutes is generally perceived to be worth lucrative career openings in top corporate companies. The trend too indicate a noticeable shift towards Kolkata as a preferred choice for pursuing career aspiration; statistics reveal MBA graduates from these management institutes in Kolkata to have been offered high-worth placements in leading MNCs, Fortune Companies, and elite Public Sector Organizations. This string of positives often makes us to be zealous of the reasons that are responsible for the emergence of Kolkata MBA institutes as the choicest of all.

Foremost, Kolkata management institutes seem to have imbibed a management education culture from the leader itself – IIM-Calcutta is an institute to emulate and look up to in terms of nurturing talent in congruence with the demands of the corporate world. As a result, a majority of institutes give out the impression of generally being highly competitive & relevant to industry standards.

Second, when you talk of modeling yourself to the leader or the benchmark, there must also be similar elevation in physical as well as intellectual infrastructure. The Kolkata MBA institutes seem to have adapted to the requisite infrastructure – world-class campuses with high-tech teaching facilities & student amenities evoke a sense of complete adaptation to the prevailing infrastructure benchmark.

Third, one can easily make out the generally widespread corporate interaction at these institutes. The significance of such corporate interaction is to be seen in the context of preparing students for the practical challenges when they eventually don responsible roles in the corporate sector.

Fourth, despite such a highly competitive learning atmosphere and educational standard, cost of education appears to be manageable within students’ budget constraints. That is why, there may have been a considerable student-migration to Kolkata institutes of management.

Finally, placement success in terms of placement in elite & high-paying MNCs, Fortune Companies too may have been an overriding reason for Kolkata MBA institutes being more preferable.

The list of Kolkata management institutes makes an interesting reading – Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C), IIFT - Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Vidyasagar College, Techno India College of Technology (TICT), Techno India, TASMAC, Pioneer College of Management (PCM), NSHM Business School round off the elite list. Not too far away from the leaders, International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) too occupies a respectable place in terms of placement & package offered to its students at the campus selections. Therefore, while opting for any of these Kolkata based management institutes, IIBS too warrants equal consideration.