MBA colleges in Kolkata to get your management course

Posted by Bansh On 24/02/2017 01:00:47

All other things being equal (campus, learning facilities, student accommodation & amenities), it is the course-content and its delivery that ultimately distinguishes best MBA colleges from the mediocre. Unlike any other faculty of learning, management education is fundamentally market-driven and susceptible to evolving global benchmarks.  Therefore, there is always the need to make the course content as relevant as possible to the industry standards. When such-relevant content gets delivered through a teaching methodology that can inspire holistic learning, it becomes a wholesome recipe for comprehensive management education.  It is indeed remarkable MBA in Kolkata comes with such privileges.

Elite management institutes in Kolkata have remained relevant and update with a strong focus on intense & well-staged content-delivery that has helped produce management professionals for the real business world. As we try and run through the current curriculum administered at these institutes, it reveals a well-structured learning package that consists of:

  • Basic concepts of microeconomics, financial reporting, statistical tools and decision heuristics, valuation and investments, managing individuals and working in teams
  • Subjects that help build on fundamentals learnt in earlier. Here, aspirants are exposed to corporate policy, marketing management, organizational behavior, managerial accounting, process & operation management, and strategy, all which are designed to encourage managerial problem solving.
  • Introduction to subjects that help understand & respond to diverse macro-economic issues triggered by different political environment. Here, aspirants are encouraged to learn International Political Analysis and Macro-economics for global business environment.
  • The scope for choosing from electives such as Accounting & ControlDecision Sciences, Economics and Political Science, Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, Technology and Operations Management, etc.

Besides, management institutes in Kolkata have found ingenious way to administer such an inclusive management curriculum through a teaching methodology overseen by scholars, academicians, and guest speakers, all of whom belong to an extraordinary league. The importance of such eminent group of faculty is to be seen in their ability to impart & inspire their wards to achieve academic excellence & professional success. The fact that Kolkata B-Schools have been able to place their students in leading MNCs, Fortune Companies, and elite public sector organizations further emphasizes the value of their inclusive content, ingenious teaching methodology, and eminent faculty.

International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS), which also belongs to such rare-breed of management institutes in Kolkata, has introduced relevant content & innovative delivery into its management education. As a result, IIBS is well-equipped to help you get your dream management course.