What truly differentiate Noida’s MBA colleges from the rest of management institutes elsewhere?

Posted by Bansh On 14/02/2017 06:23:49

The choice of a particular city for MBA education is often apparent on how best it can complement aspirants’ academic as well as professional objectives. While a few cities in India are venerable for competitive infrastructure in management education, Noida seems to have a slight edge in offering a distinctive learning environment. As a result Noida has emerged as a more sought-after MBA destination in the last few years or so, and MBA colleges in Noida are invariably looked at with great expectations by students as well as the corporate world.

As we begin to unearth possible reasons that propel MBA colleges in Noida to a distinctive altitude, we come across a unique set of answers that truly differentiate Noida’s MBA colleges from the rest of management institutes elsewhere:

  • Unlike irregular and scattered rise of MBA colleges elsewhere, MBA colleges in Noida exist symbiotically in and around the Noida Knowledge Park. Such proximity to each other has helped them collective evolve an eco-system that best endorses global standards in management education.
  • In contrast to other MBA education destinations in India, Noida’s MBA colleges tend to be comparatively less costly. Because Noida MBA colleges are situated in SEZ, the cost of pursuing MBA education is relatively cheaper to what is usually prevailing in other metros. Therefore, students’ educational budget tends to be not so heavy.
  • Significantly, Noida’s idyllic setting offers the most conducive environment for learning. Mostly, isolated from city’s chaotic atmosphere, students would find such learning environment inspiring & favorable to holistic management education.
  • MBA colleges in Noida stand to gain by the proximity of numerous corporate houses, IT companies, BPO, ITES, & Bio-tech companies, manufacturing, financial & other service companies, which has considerably eased the burden of seeking profession elsewhere, and made access to corporate jobs smooth and instant.
  • Apart from the most modern learning facilities & teaching methodology, MBA colleges in Noida are generally gifted with revered teaching minds that help transform students into becoming change-agents in the business world.
  • In terms of range of specializations too Noida’s MBA colleges reign supreme – aspirants can choose from an array of specializations such as Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Financial Management, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in IT Management, MBA in International Business, Master of Business (MBA) in Family Business, etc.

International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) – by virtue of being part of Noida’s MBA landscape – has inherited the entire range of distinctive qualities which merit its place in chosen list of MBA colleges in Noida alongside Chronicle Business Academy, Center for Management Technology (C-MAT), BBS Institute Of Management Studies, Apeejay Svran International College, Apeejay Institute of Technology, IMS - Institute Of Management Studies, BIMS - Balaji Institute of Management, Gayatri International Institute of Planning & Management, etc.