Student Clubs, Discipline in Campus & Mentoring Programmes

Students Activities

Student Activities at International Institute of Business Studies - IIBS are conceived to supplement learning capabilities beyond classroom curriculum. These activities are so built into their curriculum that they provide the right impetus to becoming thorough-bred & career-ready professionals. The interesting thing about these activities is that they are entirely managed by students themselves, who form unique clubs to conduct the following activities:

Professional Development Club

Is to prepare students for imminent corporate challenges through motivational & personality grooming sessions, and industry-orientation workshops.

Technology Club

Is to oversee IT needs inside the campus.

Corporate Relations Club

Is to arrange Guest Lectures and Workshops from corporate professionals.

Digi-eye Club

Is to create a platform that provides platform to showcase students' individualistic talent.

Event Management Club

Is to conduct events that are study-specific and business-centric.

Placement Club

Is to facilitate summer internship and final placement in coordination with the placement cell.

Discipline and Code of Conduct at the Institute

International Institute of Business Studies - IIBS has modeled itself on a management curriculum that extends beyond classroom learning. It is our firm belief that students learn best in an environment that is open and fully accommodates their learning aspiration in becoming thorough-bred management professionals.

As part of this inclusive & holistic learning, students are encouraged to take part in a diverse set of co-curricular activities, which enable them to shed inhibition and realize their true potential. Quite true to our spirit of being an institute attuned to innovative and professional excellence, the learning content & co-curricular activities are continually made industry-relevant so as to prepare students for the real challenges of the corporate world. Students can directly interact with the director and the staff concerned to discuss their views and offer suggestions if any in making the program even more exciting.

Notwithstanding our noble commitment for a wholesome MBA education, it may not entirely be possible to achieve the primary objective, unless students reciprocate with the requisite discipline, dedication, honesty, and integrity. While IIBS expects its students to be generally disciplined and dedicated, it has adopted certain principles that govern "Code of Conduct" at its campuses. Students are requested to abide by the following "Code of Conduct" and help contribute to a value-rich learning environment:

  • Mandatory adherence to dress code as and when required.
  • Attaining a minimum of 75% attendance in each of first & second semesters to become eligible for International Tour, which is usually conducted during the beginning of the third semester
  • Attaining 75% in third semester to become eligible for the Placement Process, which is scheduled during fourth semester.
  • Scoring 40% marks in Internal Assessments as well as in each of the subjects in External Theory Examination to be declared as promoted. The institute reserves the right to refuse issuing Marks Card (DMC) for the semester in which student/students fail to notch up the requisite percentage.
  • To participate in all internal assessments (including presentations/assignments) for all subjects conducted by the institute both during semesters & vacation holidays, and score more than 40% in each subject in both internal assessments & external theory examination for MBA.
  • Having their passports ready much before the announcement of date for International to facilitate VISA process.
  • Payment of the tuition fee & other fees well in advance before the due date, failure to do so will make them ineligible for participation in International tour as well as Placement Process of the Institute besides having to pay fine as stipulated by the institute
  • Not to indulge in any form of ragging. Any reported incident of ragging will be taken up with the police and the offender be expelled from the institute
  • To abide by the rules governing hostel-stay. Any student found to be violating the norms will be expelled from the hostel and no refund be entertained.
  • Any student found to be acting against the code of conduct will suitably be punished, and may even be asked to withdraw if found repeating the offence
  • Special Note: Offending students are liable for punishment for violating norms as mandated in The Supreme Court act for prohibiting ragging in educational institutes.

Mentoring and Career Counseling

International Institute of Business Studies fully recognizes what mentoring and career counseling can do to enhance their students' employability in the corporate world. Therefore, you will see each student assigned with a guide who will act as a mentor and catalyst in the student's progression to a well-groomed and career-ready professional.

Reservation of Rights

The management at International institute of Business Studies - IIBS reserves the right to modify systems, policies & procedures, structure of graduation program, requirements for admissions, faculty mix, guidelines affecting students, and any other issue under its purview for upholding progressive professionalism in management education.

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