What are the Job Opportunities for an MBA in Marketing?

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 16/01/2017 01:05:01

What are the job opportunities in Bangalore for an MBA in marketing?

Bangalore is considered as the Silicon Valley of India. It is the upcoming city with the best and biggest multi national projects and companies setting up their base with world class facilities - Primarily because of its strong technologically advanced foundation and man power.

With such huge developmental plans, the government has allocated a lucrative budget for Bangalore and hence, many educational institutions have also been set up to cater to the rising demands of the private and public sector. If you are an MBA graduate or are intending to do one, IIBS Bangalore must be your choice of institution. Getting the best of all in an MBA program is a rarity unless it is IIBS Bangalore.

This B school has been rated as one of the best ones in India ranking among the top 5 B schools. With an MBA from such an esteemed college, job opportunities are ample in Bangalore – thanks to the expansion and multi national set ups mentioned earlier. With such an escalation in the job industry, marketing professionals are the highest paid today. With marketing itself expanding to digital, offline, mass and many more the job spectrum for marketing professionals is vast than ever.

Adding to that the wide array of multi national companies to choose from makes marketing the hottest selling cake of today’s time. At IIBS Bangalore, the placement assistance provided only ensures that you get the best!

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