A Session on Success Wind for PGDM Student- IIBS Bangalore

Posted by Dr. Rajasulochana On 10/07/2018 06:26:17

Success Wind a finance activity was done by Prof. Susmitha.The students were asked to review the quarterly published reports of different organizations which helped in developing financial acumen skill. The main objective behind that was to avoid fear in Finance area where the students were afraid of numbers, play with numbers and tackle the balance sheet. Group presentation was done by the Students.

Knight says make improving your financial skill a survival issue. Every time you are paid, your organization makes less profit, then you need to think about what you can do to help the company remain profitable or be more so.

The objectives of the Session

  • To understand the importance of Finance Concept
  • To develop judgement skill
  • To cultivate the ability to interpret the numbers in the financial statement for Quick Decision making