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IIBS English Courses designed to equip students with proficiency and fluency in the language. It aims to help them communicate effectively and persuasively while conducting business in diverse business landscapes. The renowned Cambridge University Press supports the course materials.

International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) is ranked as one of the Top MBA colleges in India. It promotes world-class management education with premium infrastructure and esteemed faculty. In an effort to spread education to students from different background and economic strata, IIBS offers financial support to talented students who are unable to afford the course through educational loans.

  • Assessments are based on test assignments conducted at each of the different stages during the course duration.
  • Every class includes 5-hour of teaching. It includes group class along with other practical learning activities like audio clips, telephonic conversations, group discussions, learning through videos, seminars, games, news reading, mock interviews, etc.
  • Only a maximum of 15 students are permitted in a batch to facilitate well-organized teaching.

ENGLISH - Syllabus


Pre-Basic English Course : 1 month duration

(150 hours: 5 hours each day)

  • To know the basics of English language
  • Get an exposure on daily activities: past present and future
  • Basic spelling and pronunciation
  • Start with the vocabulary development
  • Start developing skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking
  • To get acquainted with the spoken language

Basic English course : 1 month duration

(150 hours: 5 hours each day)

  • To understand and use simple sentences
  • To build vocabulary & converse in different situations
  • To introduce idiom and phonetics
  • To develop fluency in reading, speaking and writing

Intermediate : 1-month/2- month course

(150 hours: 5 hours each day)

  • To develop grammatical skills
  • To build up Vocabulary
  • Telephonic skills
  • Group-discussion skills
  • Further development of fluency in reading, speaking and writing
  • Usage of idioms of the English language

Advanced : 1-month /2-month

(150 hours: 5 hours each day)

  • Advanced grammar
  • Accuracy, brevity and clarity in writing
  • Telephone etiquette
  • To develop confidence and fluency
  • Accent neutralization and MTI reduction
  • Clarity of speech and articulation

Effective English Course : 3 months

(150 hours: 5 hours each day)

  • Module I: Pre-Basic English Course: 1-month duration
  • Module II: Basic English course: 1-month duration
  • Module III: Intermediate English Course: 1-month course
Effective Communication

Effective communication course: 3 months

(150 hours: 5 hours each day)

  • Module I: Intermediate English Course: 1-month course
  • Module II: Language and soft skills: 1-month
  • Module III: Accent training: 1-month course

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