Adventure Learning Programme at Aravali Hills by IIBS Bangalore MBA Student

Posted by Prof. Seema Mishra On 14/09/2021 10:47:41

MBA students of S16 and S17 batches - Bangalore Campus had thrilling adventure learning March Trip to Wild Camp situated at Dhauj at outskirts of Faridabad surrounded by the range of Aravali Hills. The Outbound Program creatively uses nature as a backdrop.

Learning through adventure has an established history of developing essential personal traits - self-determination, problem-solving ability, restraint, team working and Confidence to take up Challenges - which are essential in the modern workplace and emphasize successful social development.

In this experiential learning, the students were able to keenly observe their own behavior and communication patterns of the team members and analyzed to work with the team. This analysis helps in formulating strategies for effective management skills.
The games and team activities like trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, Tarzan swing, tunnels, beam balance, commando net climb, Burma bridges, catwalks, Tug of War enabled the students to overcome fear and take bold and tough decisions with courage.

After experiential learning on the trip, the students bloom out of their inhibitions into encompassing compassionate members of the organization. This learning created a platform for confidence and sharpens their Leadership qualities; Team Building, Problem Solving Skills and fine-tune their work life Balance.

The students were delighted and thrilled with exciting adventure learning Trip full of Challenges.

  • Devesh from S-16 doing Rock Climbing
  • Shivam from S-16 doing Commando Net actions.
  • Prashant from S-16 doing Beam Balance.


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