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Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 04/10/2021 12:37:41

Agriculture is one of the age-older cultivation practices in India. It started from the nomadic era since they are unaware of cultivation. It started as the testing process as they taste each and every fruit or seed from nature. If the fruit or seed taste good and feel comfortable in eating the fruit. They select the fruit for further use. The process of cultivation changed with the invention of fire. Fire brought various changes in their food habits which impacted their agriculture. At the initial stages of agriculture, they worked hard to do cultivation. Before the starting of agriculture dogs are pets of humans and they thought the use of cattle like cows and buffalo in agriculture. With the help of cattle in agriculture, it became easy for them to cultivate. From that day to this day it changed day by day by the usage of the country plow for ploughing field to use of modern equipment like tiller for ploughing. Various technologies changed agriculture to an easy task with the use of machines and in an advanced form of machines, we can also monitor the yield and pest incidence of the crops by remote sensing and GPS. Advanced farming includes Precision farming in which the right quantity of nutrients or management is provided at the right time for better yields. In which conventional farming includes drastic application of fertilizer, water, intercultural operation in a blind manner without knowing about the necessity of plants. Precision farming has to challenge the growing population to supply adequate food for people in the country and also worldwide in order to meet their dietary requirements.


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