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Posted by Prof Manoranjan H P On 13/05/2022 12:08:43

One of the most popular professional degrees in the world is the Master of Business Administration or MBA. Many people consider it to be the key to a successful job. There are several factors that contribute to why so many students from various academic backgrounds are willing to pursue an MBA, and we will look at a few of them below.

Top 10 Benefits of doing an MBA after Engineering

  1. Global Recognition- MBA is a globally recognised degree. After engineering, an MBA is the beginning of the best job options. It gives you access to global alumni networks, top-tier internships, and the best management jobs.
  2. Possibilities for Employment- Students with an MBA after their BTech degree are guaranteed top-tier placements. It's a broad profession with several specialisations, allowing for a wide range of job prospects around the world. MBA grads are preferred by many employers above BTech graduates. The reason for this is that they are uniquely qualified to deal with global concerns.
  3. Numerous career opportunities- An MBA degree has a fairly broad educational curriculum. It covers a wide range of topics, including business, finance, human resources, statistics, economics, and even health. This opens up a world of professional possibilities, broadening your horizons. You might expect top-notch jobs in top organisations in many areas with the correct institution and exposure.
  4. Take charge of your own destiny- MBA is not for everyone who wants to work in top management positions. Some people do it in order to become entrepreneurs and start their own companies. MBA is a professional degree that prepares students for management positions in businesses. Business management, planning methods, financial management, marketing tactics, and a variety of other abilities are required by entrepreneurs. As a result, it is a highly sought-after degree following BTech.
  5. Opportunity to Network with Industry Experts- You can learn from industry experts, business professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, and top industry honchos while pursuing an MBA programme. As a result, it assists you in making global relationships and gaining significant learning experiences while advancing your profession.
  6. Improve your abilities- An engineering degree will undoubtedly teach you technical skills, but an MBA programme will teach you managerial skills. It will teach you how to run a business, how to lead a team, how to make strategic decisions, and how to be your own boss. Marketing, finance, human resource management, enterprise management, time management, and other topics are covered.
  7. Make Personality Improvements- An MBA degree prepares students for their professional lives and helps them navigate the business world. Students gain managerial skills, communication skills, team spirit, leadership techniques, presentation abilities, and more, all of which contribute to their total personality development. They participate in a personality development programme and are exposed to new difficulties.
  8. Incentive Packages- MBA after BTech is the ideal decision for you if you want to make a lot of money. It all depends on your background and the abilities you've acquired. Your salary will increase as you gain more experience. In addition to technical expertise in their field, those with an MBA degree have managerial and other talents. These characteristics contribute to engineering and MBA graduates earning more money.
  9. Global Possibilities- Those with management and engineering degrees have a better probability of getting positions in large multinational brands than those with other academic backgrounds. As a result, doing MBA after BTech will be quite advantageous to you.
  10. Adaptability- An MBA programme allows you to continue working while also studying. For people who want to work and study at the same time, many universities offer part-time and weekend MBA programmes. This helps individuals improve their talents as well as their work, which adds value to their résumé.

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