Are you game for an MBA?

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 14/10/2016 02:07:12

The question that keeps haunting every MBA aspirant is: am I game for an MBA? It is so because unlike other faculties of learning, MBA is a heterogeneous mix of subjects. The moment you flip through the contents of an MBA syllabus, you come to know the intricacies that make an MBA curriculum. It is so diverse that it has arts, social sciences and mathematical contents that make it truly challenging faculty altogether. Because you may be from an arts, commerce, science, or mathematical background, it is hard to expect you to be well-versed in composite knowledge that an MBA requires. This obviously creates and incites this question: do I have the competence to do an MBA?

When confronted with this question, naturally you will turn to a self-assessment: where do I stand vis-à- vis the demands of an MBA. Such self-assessment would invariably reveal your capabilities as well as gaps in your mental faculty. Now, how do you overcome your shortcoming? Well, there are ways to close-in gaps. Resources such as exercises in quantitative aptitude, general knowledge, aptitude & personality development should help. The virtual world is so full of ready-to- use resources that it is easy to become an MBA-ready. With such confidence-booster on hand, most of you should be able to dispel even the slightest doubt in your mind.

Once you gain the self-belief that “you are game for an MBA”, you may consider taking CAT, MAT, or institute-specific entrance tests. Post entrance test, your rankings decide your choice of prospective B-Schools. Despite this yardstick, if you are still undecided about your prospective B-School, here is a time-tested institute: International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS. Remember, if you have the self-belief that you are MBA-ready, IIBS has the place for you.


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