Art of Teaching: Eastern vs western by Dr. K N Gandhi, Professor, Harvard University, USA

Posted by Prof. Prakash A On 16/04/2019 05:47:44

IIBS Bangalore Campus hosted an eye-opening event for faculty members on 19th March 2019 - National Faculty Development Program.  The main motive of this workshop was to understand the different teaching methodologies in eastern vs. western part of the world.

The session was conducted by Dr. Kanchi Natarajan Gandhi (Dr. K N Gandhi). His is the senior nr. registrar and bibliographer at Harvard University, USA.

Dr.K.N.Gandhi talked about the art of teaching eastern vs. western. He shared his experience with Harvard University and explained different strategies of teaching in classrooms.

This programme was very interesting and informative for students as well as for IIBS Professors.

The main motive of the program was to give brief information on

  • How to teach in the class?
  • What new methods can be brought in the teaching?
  • Methods to learn and retain knowledge.

Few participants’ comments on FDP:

The approach to connect with target audience was inspiring as Sir initiated his speech by explaining about motivation. He put forward a good comparison between how education in USA and education in India would shape the thought process and develop skills of analysis from a very juvenile stage in human minds. Even though he praised the methodology of US education to build analysis abilities, he did not overlook how traditional methodology of learning mental calculations imbibed by the Indian  young mind would enable them to stand out in Foreign Lands. Sir explained how focusing on advance and complex teaching to students will automatically structure their basics and bring clarity to them. He encouraged us to contribute for the betterment of our education system by all means and also gave an insight on how to pursue Fellowship/PhD abroad to enhance our career. - Prof. Swati Sen

The session opened up our creative way of thinking. Novel approach to new methodologies in teaching. Useful for both faculties and students. - Dr. Ameer Hussain

Dr. K N Gandhi excels in Teaching Skills,  Way of Explanation of each point to students and Methods of Teaching. - Dr. N Shankara Narayana Shastry

Dr. K N Gandhi was a good motivator. He clearly stated the difference between the good teacher and a bad teacher, left us to decide what to be and at the same time enlightened us about change management which is a burning issue. - Dr. RajaSulochana A.L.

The Faculty Development Program was Very good.  Time was very less. - Dr. H  Prabhakar

Overall experience was excellent. It was a great experience to get to know the speaker and interact about his experience. The session was totally a new opportunity for us to get to know the pedagogy of western teaching. - Prof.Rubina Chettri

Its very excellent programme and very useful to us. Because of I am inspired through his speech We would request  more guest talks  like this. - Prof. Gunasekaran

He was accompanied by delegates Dr. Y. Tulajappa  and Dr B.K. Singh.  The program was concluded with felicitation to  Dr K.N.Gandhi.


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