Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 01/10/2021 10:55:01

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most, if not the only disruptive technology that made a massive impact in the modern world. It is a concept that continues to reach a wider audience with regular developments and researches done by scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are working to make an advancement in the field. 2021 looks like a promising year for AI experimentation and potential breakthroughs that will shape the way we work in the coming years.

Before the pandemic wreaked havoc in 2020, machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence was causing disruptions across industries. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, it became evident that self-teaching algorithms and smart machines will play a big role in the ongoing fight against the viral outbreak and serve our society in the future too. Artificial intelligence technology remains a key trend in our work world and personal world. So, here’s an overview of the AI developments so far in 2021.

Impact of AI During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1.  In The Healthcare Industry: From supporting the screening of patients to monitoring COVID-19 pandemic signs and symptoms, to offering decision support for CT scans and automating hospital operational functions, AI is being used in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. In Agriculture And Aviation: In agriculture, AI advancements show developments in the growth of crops.
  3. Digital Transformation: Digital transformation has focused only on the digitization of products and services so far, however, it has been predicted that in 2022, there will be more focus on leveraging AI for optimization and automated business decision-making.
  4. In Insurance And Banking: AI is having a huge impact on the insurance and banking sectors. For example, the technology created for facial recognition in photographs is being customized for insurance-specific applications. Image analysis algorithms can now consistently recognize car models, identify and quantify previous damage, recognize vehicle parts, analyze documents, read license plates, and more – all from videos and photos.
  5. AI In The Oil And Gas Industry: The oil and gas industry has always utilized the latest technological innovations and big data (seismic imaging) before it was even termed as “big data”. However, advances in analytics, including AI and Machine Learning (ML), are offering new ways to interpret this data while yielding previously incomprehensible insights.


Huge improvements have been made in the field of AI research – from diverse algorithms for discovering complex patterns in data, to game-playing programs that perform better than human champions, to self-driving cars. With developments in computing storage and capacity and profitable consumption models such as the cloud, real-world applications of AI have traveled from academic domains into the mainstream. With information now available at desirable scales, depths, and charges, AI applications are set to change our world.



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