Be inspired to study in Bangalore MBA colleges

Posted by Bansh On 14/09/2021 10:08:24

Management colleges are meant to inspire not just academic excellence but also foster students to be business leaders with a difference – the difference that will mutually benefit value-creators (companies) and the value absorbers (consumers at large). We seem to have found such inspirational quality in MBA colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore MBA colleges, though relatively new on the management education horizon, have managed to put together a set of USPs that has enabled to be truly motivating to management education of global standards:

USP-1:  Apart from inclusive teaching facilities, most of the Bangalore  MBA colleges have adopted a Teaching Methodology that is best suited for holistic business education. It comprises of presentations that encourage students to present, analyze, and discuss business-centric situations; interactive Discussions that encourage students to debate on issues that impact global business environment; academic Tours that help students learn and respond positively to diverse business environments; assignments that require students to react as though there confronted with real-life management issues.

USP-2: Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) is an integral part most of the elite MBA colleges in Bangalore. The CRC is founded on the premise that it brings together the Industry and academia close to each other and provides need-based education and organizational support. It is meant to manage in-campus interviews for student placement and training. It is also meant to coordinate corporate guests’ lectures and industry interaction.

USP-3: Leadership Development that foster leadership qualities in students through a series of seminars where leading professionals, CEOs, academicians, motivational speakers share their experiences and pass on their wisdom to budding business leaders.

USP-4: Career Seminars that help students to find their true professional calling through professional and personal advice offered by trained careers consultants and industry professionals

USP-5: Summer Internships that assist students to test the corporate world before they eventually assume responsible positions after graduation. T he significance of such summer internship is to be seen from the fact that students’ ability to convert such experience into valid credential for breaking into top MNCs and Fortune Companies.

Even as you turn to MBA colleges Bangalore such as  Chronicle Business Academy, Center for Management Technology (C-MAT), BBS Institute Of Management Studies, Apeejay Svran International College, Apeejay Institute of Technology, IMS - Institute Of Management Studies, BIMS - Balaji Institute of Management, Gayatri International Institute of Planning & Management, etc.) for such inspirational approach to business education, International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) – by virtue of having demonstrated such inclusive management education at its sprawling Bangalore campus – automatically qualifies to be an inspirational institute for top-class MBA education.


IIBS Bangalore Welcome you to experience the superior professionalism and CSS - Cultural Connection as you pass through IIBS and let the change begin within you through IIBS.