Building Self Confidence is a Stepping Stone to Achieve and Succeed

Posted by Dr.Rajasulochana A.L On 23/09/2021 12:40:31

This article builds self-confidence. A confident person believes in himself. He is optimistic. He accepts criticism, admits mistakes, and corrects. Self-confidence is not inborn. You can develop during the course of time.

Here are the tips to develop self-confidence.?

1) Assess Yourself Positively
List out all the achievements done in your life. Mention the proud moments of your life. Make a note of appreciation you have received. Keep on adding . The benefit of all these are whenever you feel that your confidence level is low and disturbed; just read you feel proud of yourself and confident enough.

?2) Set goals
Every achiever will set a goal and start working on them. Maybe the goal is small. If you plan something, then you work on that so that you gain strength and confidence.

3) Identify your Strength

Identify the area where you are best . Focus on that and that will boost up your confidence. When it comes to performance level, you will be the best.

4) Habit

Cultivate the habit of performing the task which you are passionate about. You definitely will get results. Dont postpone but do it. This definitely builds self-confidence.

5) Public speaking
Most of them lack the skill of speaking in public. Once you start doing it, your confidence level boosts up. 





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