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Posted by Prof Manoranjan H P On 29/04/2022 12:02:05

HR has always been a role that deals with employee difficulties. HR has always taken the second position in firms, with Finance, Operations, and Marketing taking the spotlight more often than HR. However, the truth remains that human resources are an equally crucial pillar on which every organization must focus. Human resources are in charge of not only finding the best employees for the organization, but also of their training, development, growth, and career management. HR is the unseen power that keeps employees motivated and on track with the company's vision and objectives. However, HR has its own set of issues, particularly in today's environment.

HR has grown into a lot more dynamic subject that necessitates ongoing process development and improvisations in order to maintain employee positivity. The following are some of the most pressing issues confronting HR today.

1. Maintaining a high level of employee retention

Companies devote a significant amount of time and effort to finding the best candidate for the job. Employees are subjected to frequent training, skill development, and other activities once they have been hired. All of these actions are in line with the company's goal and ensure high-quality output from personnel. However, with organizations vying for top-performing staff, poaching of good personnel is unavoidable. This puts a lot of pressure on HR to keep good people on board. Employees strive for easy wage raises when they join other companies, which leads to attrition. To prevent attrition and guarantee that the proper talent is kept in the long run for the company's benefit, HR must constantly provide incentives and encouragement to employees. Role diversification, recognition and prizes, and increased compensation are some of the actions that might help retain employees.


2. Attracting and retaining human talent in the face of automation.

One of the important areas where HR is headed in the future is artificial intelligence and automation. A lot of HR tasks are now allocated and resolved by robots, from maintaining employee attendance to evaluating employee performance to answering basic questions. This is being done with the goal of eliminating redundancy and saving HR quality time. However, in many cases, HR has lost its human touch. A lack of communication between HR and employees has resulted from too much automation.


3. Evolving with Changing Market & Business

With changing business and market scenarios, it appears that only marketing and product strategy, as well as financial planning, must be adjusted. HR, on the other hand, has a significant role to play in the evolution of a company. HR is in charge of everything from choosing the ideal candidate for future roles to preparing for a JV and merger to ensuring timely skill upgrades for employees. All of the other business departments present their needs, but it is HR who finally selects the most qualified candidate for the job.

HR is continuously under pressure to perform, which is especially true in the current environment. HR professionals must be always on their toes, from combating artificial intelligence to maintaining the proper staff to growing with the times. HR must always be one step ahead of the game in order to overcome all of these difficulties and issues.

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