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Posted by Dr. Samiya Mubeen On 30/09/2021 09:47:16

Business intelligence focuses on descriptive analytics BI prioritizes descriptive analytics, which provides a summary of historical and present data to show what has happened or what is currently happening. BI answers the questions “what” and “how” so you can replicate what works and change what does not.

Business analytics focuses on predictive analytics BA, however, prioritizes predictive analytics, which uses data mining, modeling, and machine learning to determine the likelihood of future outcomes. BA answers the question “why” so it can make more educated predictions about what will happen. With BA, you can anticipate developments and make the changes necessary to succeed. 

Applying BI and BA in the real world Let’s illustrate these differences with real-world applications of BI and BA. In this example, you sell homemade jewelry through an online store. Business intelligence provides helpful reports of the past and current state of your business. BI tells you that sales of your blue feather earrings have spiked in Utah the past three weeks. As a result, you decide to make more blue feather earrings to keep up with demand. Business analytics asks, “Why did sales of blue feather earrings spike in Utah?” By mining your website data, you learn that a majority of traffic has come from a post by a Salt Lake City fashion blogger who wore your earrings. This insight helps you decide to send complimentary earrings to a few other prominent fashion bloggers throughout the US. You use the previous sales information to anticipate how many earrings you will need to make and how much supplies you will need in order to keep up with demand if the bloggers were to post about the earrings.

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