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Companies are investing significant effort into hiring competent personnel and developing necessary competencies in their existing staff in this era of cutthroat competition. These are one of the few ways for businesses to obtain a competitive advantage over one another. In this sluggish economy, where so many companies are competing for limited resources and people, it is critical for businesses to continually review, update, and have the confidence to make the required changes. It is also critical for a company to identify a set of core skills that match its main market differentiators. Competency mapping is really useful in this situation.

Competency Mapping

It is the process of identification of the competencies and the level of proficiency required in it to perform a given job or role efficiently.

Every job requires some set of attributes whether it is technical, managerial, or behavioral to perform the same successfully; these attributes or skills are known as competencies. MBA in HR college in Bangalore

Areas of Implementation

The competency mapping can be applied to the areas depicted in the following diagram:

Selection and Recruitment

Competencies can be utilized to create a template for recruiting and selecting employees. The competence levels that new hires should possess would be determined using the information on the degree of competency required for effective performance. As a result, an employee who is both organizationally and role-fit is hired.

As a result, the cost of training new personnel will be reduced. Employees will be productive from the start, and no man-hours will be wasted on new hire training.

A company that understands how to evaluate capabilities can efficiently hire the best at a fair price, such as hiring low-cost yet highly entrepreneurial management graduates from lesser-known business schools. MBA in Human Resource Management in Bangalore

Requirements for Training and Development

Competencies can be used to construct a template for use in recruitment and selection. Information on the level of competency required for effective performance would be used to determine the competence levels that new hires should possess. This results in the hiring of an employee who is organizational as well as role fit.

This way we can reduce the cost of training the newly hired employees. Employees will be productive from Day 1 and no man-hours will be lost in the training of new hires.

A firm that knows how to assess competencies can effectively hire the best at a reasonable price, for example hiring underpriced but highly entrepreneurial management graduates from lesser-known business schools.

Planning for your future career and succession

It entails determining whether or not personnel are capable of taking on new challenges. To determine whether a person is qualified for a position in upper management, his current competency level should be compared to those required for higher-level positions. MBA in HR Bangalore

System for Managing Performance

It is critical to link performance results to competencies. Competency-based performance management is preferable to result-based performance management. Competency-based performance management would concentrate on the "HOW" of performance rather than the "WHAT" of performance, i.e. how the results are attained rather than the results themselves. Effective PMS should link to an individual's development rather than just rewards.

Benefits of a Competency Mapping Firm

Company: An organization's primary goal is to achieve its long-term objectives, and competency mapping ensures that only capable personnel work there. The term 'competent' refers to personnel whose skill set matches that of the person who will be executing the job effectively.

Supervisors: Managers will find it easier to set goals for juniors and evaluate their performance with the help of competency mapping.

Employees: Employees are constantly under pressure to perform at their best, therefore defining a set of core skills that an individual should possess in order to do honor to his or her profession is critical.

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