Corporate Night 2017

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 29/06/2017 06:26:11

The Corporate Night (CN) 2017 envisages to bring in a congregation of students, faculty and the eminent corporate personalities to evoke a common understanding about the future which is on the anvil. It is envisioned that the students who are on the stilt of getting into the corporate work need to gain the required awareness about what it is all about in a multi-dimensional setup.

The CN 2017, Corporate Night will help in bringing about the required awareness among the students on the horizon which they are the novice with.



  1. To ensure a positive mindset amongst the students with a favouring mindset towards employbility.
  2. Professional assessment of students with integrated inclusive and exclusive approach.
  3. Holistic modus operandi to be adopted in performance grading of students
  4. To help upgrade and reinstate training regimen.
  5. How to ensure to become corporate fit?
    • Groom the students to fit into the corporate scheme
    • Developing an inclusive approach with the corporate.
    • Devising & executing appropriate corporate etiquette training
    • Regular student assessment based on set criteria.



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