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Enhancing employability skills in management education is viewed as a critical problem by all stakeholders in today's dynamic corporate environment. Educational establishments Management training focuses on the development of a diverse set of skills management skills and knowledge The importance of the actor's performance is emphasized. candidates on the job, and thus necessitates a set of qualifications. skills that are appropriate for the job In addition to subject-specific work, students must polish their interpersonal skills. Communication and teamwork capabilities. AICTE Approved MBA college in Bangalore

Employability Definition

Employability is a collection of talents, understandings, and personal characteristics that make graduates more likely to find jobs and succeed in their chosen fields, benefiting themselves, the workforce, the community, and the economy.

Employment Skills

The non-technical skills and knowledge required for effective participation in the workforce are known as employability skills. Communication, self-management, problem solving, and teamwork is examples of such abilities. They're also known as general skills, capability skills, enabling skills, or critical competencies.

Top employability skills are

  • Communication-application of literacy
  • Business awareness 
  • Customer care 
  • Self-management
  • Team working 
  • Problem-solving
  • Application of numeracy 
  • Application of ICT.

Some of the Essential skills of an Employee are

Global abilities, such as being able to speak and understand different languages and having an awareness of other cultures, were also deemed important. Negotiation and persuasion, Leadership, numeracy, computing skills, self-awareness, personal influence, lifelong learning, stress tolerance, integrity, independence, developing professionalism, action planning, decision making, interpersonal sensitivity, and creativity are all skills that can be developed.

Importance and need in Business School

In a recent survey conducted by MBAuniverse.com is to be believed, that only one in five MBAs is Employable. The results of a pre-recruitment survey done in tier-2 B-schools, which comprised skills in verbal ability, quantitative ability, and reasoning, revealed that there was a lot of space for improvement in terms of classroom teaching. The top 25 management institutions, including IIMs, were omitted from the poll. The survey was conducted in 29 cities, with around 80 MBA students per city, at tier-2 B-schools. MBA course in Bangalore

The average percentage score received by 52.58 percent in verbal ability, 41.17 percent in numeric ability, and 37.51 percent in reasoning ability. The lower factor on reasoning demands special attention since the parts of the reasoning test, such as deductive logic, data sufficiency, spatial reasoning, and analytical reasoning, are critical for making solid management decisions. Best MBA college in Bangalore

In the last five years, the number of B-schools in India has tripled to about 4,500. India's business schools are capable of creating innovative solutions. As global institutions, they are developing globally distributed educational programs. And extensive partnerships all throughout the world, starting with the beginning Establish a long-term relationship with  India's corporations must develop into actual businesses. partners in the development of management education by contributing ideas, knowledge, and resources to programs Students will benefit from the money, financial investment, a live project, and on-site experience, which will enable them to:

Learn in a real-life setting. They should also recognize that in order to create genuinely world-class products, you must first grasp Institutions, particularly academic institutions, must be equipped with the necessary resources .freedom to "tell the truth to power" (or funders) to realize the enormous value they may create .contribute to the Indian society.


In India, management education has exploded, with the number of MBA colleges increasing from 200 in the early 1990s to over 1,000 now. Today, there are 3300 MBA schools. Today's industry is on the lookout for qualified sales, marketing, and customer service personnel.HR and financial positions are in high demand. Formal Employees are given basic business training. A significant success factor is frameworks and concepts. In the not-so-mature Indian business.

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