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Posted by Frof. Susmitha TP On 10/03/2023 11:08:18

The festival of Holi commemorates the triumph of good over evil. It signifies the restoration and rebuilding of broken relationships by putting a stop to all disputes and letting go of negative emotions gathered through time. The event begins on the day of the full moon known as Purnima and lasts for two days. Rangwali Holi is celebrated on the second day, while Holika Dahan is celebrated on the first. People play with colours to celebrate on the last day. Holi is also a time for giving appreciation for a successful harvest as summer approaches. It is supposed to be a time to say bye to the chilly winter and take advantage of the vibrant colours of the pleasant spring.

The "Holi" event was celebrated at IIBS. The cultural club, IIBS Cultural Fiesta, organised the event on March 8, 2023. The arrangement for celebrating this festival of joy and games was excellent. A DJ arrangement was also made. When everyone began to assemble on the ground, the DJ began playing. Everyone coloured each other's faces with various colours. On the dance platform, more people had fun. They were without reluctance as nobody could identify them.

We celebrated the festival in a distinctively dry and environmentally benign way. All staff and students experienced the warmth and excitement of the brilliant colours that were applied to them. The atmosphere was filled with fun, excitement, and joy. They would recall the day differently—as one that was pleasantly spent and ended with happy, vibrant memories. The weather was really pleasant, which made it more entertaining. After lunch and the distribution of sweets, the celebration came to an end.

The celebration of Holi is one of the fresh starts, new opportunities, and renewed hope. a chance to go on, forget what happened, and forgive. With singing, dance, and vibrant colours, the students brought in spring, the season of optimism, and these were the festival's main attractions. According to widely held views, these vibrant colours denote vitality, enthusiasm, and energy.

Since IIBS is a multicultural institution, participating in the Holi celebration made everyone merge together even more.

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