IIBS MOM : Digital Marketing - The Trend of Emerging Era

Posted by Prof. Jigyasa Narang On 14/09/2021 10:57:33

As a source of news, the newspaper is almost indispensable to those whose thirst for knowledge is insatiable. Reading of newspapers improves one’s outlook on life and makes one a more reasonable person. The importance of the newspaper is therefore obvious. To facilitate this, a news reading session was organized by S-16 Batch students, Aanchal, Mayank, Tanmay & Tamanna. This session further helped the students to enhance their communication skills and knowledge.

This was continued by a corporate session on ”Leadership skills & Interview skills”, by Ms. Supriya Kalra. Since experience is the source of knowledge, it is important for one to know how to deal with the interviews and gain experience with the interviews to give their best shot. This session helped the students to know how to tackle the interview questions. The students played virtual roles where they were actually interviewed and asked questions. This helped them to get more clarity about the interviews. The students were also made to play various activities which showcased their leadership skills and qualities.

Digital Marketing is an emerging subject in the field of marketing and in the coming years, it is going to be huge. To make the students aware of such advancements, a session on ”Digital Marketing” was facilitated by Mr. Amit Thapliyal. This session helped the students to gain an insight into this emerging field of technology.

The day ended with a feedback session from the students to understand their learning and expectations out of the sessions.


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