IIBS shows its mettle at PINNACLE 2K16

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 15/06/2016 05:41:31

IIBS (Bangalore Campus) talent-pool of 16 students (from 2015-17 Batch) put on a commendable show at PINNACLE 2K16 – a national level management fest organized under the aegis of B.I.T Institute of Technology, Hindupur. In return for their splendid performance at the event, the institute bagged certificate of appreciation along with medals & cash prizes. It was indeed praiseworthy given the caliber of the competition, which drew pedigree talent from prestigious institutes across the country.

The competition was held at two levels – Formal & Informal. The formal category comprised disciplines like The Young Manager, Ad Making, B-Quiz and Business Proposal, whereas the informal category consisted of disciplines like Best Selfy and Just-a-Minute. In each of these disciplines participants had to clear rounds of competition before the eventual finale. In addition to coveted trophies, cash prizes were also given away to winners as well as runner-ups.

IIBS team of three (represented by Sudheer, Preethi KP and Shabnam), which took part in “The Business Proposal” discipline, was adjudged “Runner-up” to receive certificate medal and cash prize, while its Mad Ad Team (represented by Pankaj Agarwal, Sunny S, Vardhini KP, Priyanka KS and Pammi Singh) too was declared “Runner-up” to receive certificate medal and cash prize.

The Onus of preparing the students for this event was entrusted to Pro. Shanthi J, Suchitra G, and student co-ordinator Sudheer Kumar – who all combined to prepare & groom students to rigors of the competition. In the end, their efforts culminated in students bringing laurels to the institution.

Overall, it proved to be an occasion to hone competitive spirit beyond the academic periphery. In the words of students who took part in PINNACLE 2K16: “It was an occasion to hone our competitive skills, and develop competitive spirit before testing corporate waters. We are indebted to our institution in general and the support-staff in particular that had faith in our abilities”

IIBS’ celebrated team of participants





Best Manager

Mudassir Khan & Minakshi Riyal


Business Quiz

Roshan Dubey, Venkat, Sai Sarath & G Narender


Business Proposal

Sudheer, Preethi, Shabnam, Aditya & Rajesh Rao


Ad Making

Pankaj Agarwal, Sunny Maity, Vardini, Priyanka, Pammi Singh, and G Narender



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