IIBS Team Scales Higher in Finale of IIM Kozhikode International B-Plan Competition

Posted by Rtr. Debasmita Das On 13/02/2019 07:47:51

They say, nothing comes easy, and it doesn't. But the process comes with additional benefits, and with a chance to introspect, and know the hidden areas about us as a team player.

It all started on 5th September 2018 during the selection rounds of IIM-K International B Plan competition of 2 days’ workshop was held at IIBS Bangalore, AP Campus, Bangalore, the selection round workshop was conducted by IIM adjunct faculty Dr. Arpita; and the time was 1st to 3rd February 2019, where handworks did result in beautiful stories to add on, and an amazing experience to share.

The competition started in September when the semi-finalists, Debasmita Das, Anurag Sharma, Mani Krishna, Vamsi Krishnam Raju, and Anusha, were selected as the B-Plan finalists. The 2 day Event held at IIM Kozhikode from 1st to 3rd February 2019, was massive, and the competitive spirit was at peak. 

The Echoes-2019 held at IIM-Kozhikode, where the business plan competition was held, witnessed entries from over 128 colleges nationwide. There were about 630 students participating as teams comprising of five students in each team. The stiff and inflexible “International B Plan ideas competition” among 67 selected teams from started on 2nd Feb 2019. The International B Plan presentations was based on elimination process and IIBS team was selected among 67 team.  The last round was held on 3rd Feb, IIBS was among  top 18 different colleges’ teams.    

The IIBS team scaled higher to the last round of finale and stand at the 9th  position in the finale of IIM-K Echoes 2k 18-19 International B Plan competition. The IIBS business school students, put up their utmost hard work, and all that with the noteworthy guidance of Prof. Dr. A. Prakash made it a memorable event.


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