Industrial visit IIBS MBA Students to UNIBIC Cookies Company

Posted by Prof. Samiya Mubeen On 27/10/2017 07:26:20

On Thursday 26th October, 2017 International Institute of Business Studies (IIBS) has conducted an industrial visit to UNIBIC company. This visit was for the awareness of the students on the production process of the company. The class was under the guidance of Prof.Samiya Mubeen who coordinated with the management for the organization of this visit.

The industrial visit started at 11:30 am on 26-0ct-2017 where Miss Nandini in charge of total quantity department has welcomed us to the UNIBIC cookies factory. She introduced the company to us and mentioned that the company was started in 2004 which is an Australian originated company, Founder of this company is Ronald Bradmanand it only produces cookies. This company comes under FMCG and it is certified under Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and British Retail Consortium (BRC). There is only one production outlet in India which is located in Bangalore. From 2004 to 2010 the company was only exporting the product to 25 different countries and later on they started doing the business in India.

Miss Nandini in-charge of the total quantity department Unibic company, Prof.Samiya Mubeen head of the section with MBA Student team.

Then she explained about the production levels of the Unibic company where they are producing 28 different flavors of cookies. There are two types of materials they use, one is raw materials and the other is packaging material. More than 100 different types of raw materials are used by the company.

And coming to the packaging material there is three types primary – which has direct contact with the cookies and protects them, secondary – which protects the primary package, tertiary- which protects bother. Primary and secondary package. The next step is the quality inspection of the raw materials where they select according to their quality standards. Then these raw materials are sent to warehousing, they use forklift vehicles for loading and unloading the materials and they put them on palates. There are two types of plates one is metal and the other is wooden. The metal plate is used to put raw materials and the wooden palate is for finished goods. Materials are stored in different palates in order to avoid cross-contamination. Then they use bin cards, which represents the data of the material to identify the product and for FiFO (first in first out) purpose.

After She explaining the different production levels of the company, she explained the production process. They use hopper for mixing the dough, where all the ingredients come through the pipe and fall into the hopper. Then they use different types of conveyors to transfer the materials from place to another. Then the base material is to be shaped, they use two technologies for shaping one is wire cutting and molding.Then they’ll bake the product by sending them into the oven at particular temperatures from 150 degrees to 300-degree centigrade in just 8 minutes. After backing these products will be sent int the cooler wherein gives crispy and crunch to the cookies. The next step is packaging, the main label will be pre-printed except the price, date of manufacture, date of expiry, batch number. Then automatic taping machines will pack the bulky products together.

After the introduction of Miss Nandini, she took us to the production site and explained to us how the product actually goes on. Everything in the process was systematic with very less idle time. Lots of skilled workers are present at the packaging area showcasing their talents.
At the end of the session they gave us good send off and complimentary biscuit packets.


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