Leading through Innovation Session at IIBS Bangalore Campus

Posted by Prof. Renu Bhardwaj On 14/09/2021 10:55:50

It’s very important for a Management student to be able to utilize the resources optimally. Also, to be able to lead,  able to work in a team, to complete a given task in a specified time, to communicate well are all such qualities of a good Manager. To inculcate within the students all such qualities and make them learn new things, an event “AMACE” was conducted for the S-17 Batch students facilitated by Prof. Renu Bhardwaj and Prof. Jigyasa Narang. The aim was to design a project based on some realistic objective.

Students ( IIBS Bangalore ) were divided into four teams.

  • Team A consisted of Himani, Pritam, Anupam & Nitesh
  • Team B had Alice, Kamaljit, Sanjoy & Arup
  • Team C consisted of Ashish, Tegraj, Archana & Anushka and
  • Team D had Mahima, Piyush, Raghavendra & Bhole Shankar. Himani Kalia was the Material Manager and Mahima Mehra was the Accounts Manager.

Each team was provided with the same set of materials such as chart papers, colors, Fevicol, a pair of scissors, etc. The teams had to utilize these materials in a way that they make something meaningful out of the materials given. This activity was planned to test and see how the students come up with different ideas with limited resources.

The entire aim of this activity was to check how smartly the students use the available resources in a limited amount of time, work together as a team, and lead their teams. Also, how the students guide and communicate with each other was one such motive behind this activity.

The four teams were given a specified amount of time in which they had to complete this activity.

The four different teams came up with different projects.

  • Team A came up with an E-Commerce Company
  • Team B made a Pizza Shop named K.J. Pizza
  • Team C made a hospital named Loyola Hospital and
  • Team D made a Pet Shop called Paws.

Students had utilized the resources beautifully with minimum wastage and optimum usage. Teams had a great experience discovering Management skills, team work  & coordination among themselves.

Prof. Seema Mishra, the Dean evaluated the project on the basis of Infrastructure made& presentation skills of the team members. She emphasized the importance of working in a team and appreciated their efforts.

The day culminated with the prize distribution. Group A were the winners of AMACE followed by Group C who was the runner up of AMACE. Overall BU S 17 Batch experienced that a healthy teamwork leads to increased productivity and performance, skills, development, knowing more about yourself and your batch mates.

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