MBA curriculum and its advantages

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 29/06/2018 14:07:31

Benefits Of Getting an MBA or Why Choose MBA or Reasons For Doing MBA ?

When theory, practical and experience come together, the future is shaped! That’s what an MBA curriculum consists of. Knowledge, information and statistics build a strong base while case studies, projects, experiments, research and information accumulation brings it into perspective. When all of this is practiced in the real-time corporate world, we call it an ‘experience’. This precisely summarizes an MBA program’s ingredients and how it benefits us in crafting our career.

A typical MBA program is spread cross 2 years which includes all the above, which brings all the learning to focus. The initial year concentrates of year long management theory basics, personal leadership activities, small team projects, reflection, case-studies and much more. The fundamentals of business management are set, quantitative and analytical skills are acquired, appropriate communication and collaboration skills which are the back bone of survival in the service sector are developed and the importance of building strong and assertive relationships are inculcated.

The second year is more practice-driven. After wisely selecting an elective course from a wide range of unparalleled specializations, which is designed exclusively to suit your area of interest, functional skills are integrated learnt in the first year. The curriculum then focuses extensively on this integration by means of live projects, internships and internal/external assessments. This is the period which derives the best and most of you by providing the opportunity to showcase your strengths.

Hope above given some clearity about why choose mba or reasons for doing mba ? .An MBA program is a journey in itself. Having in-depth knowledge of its curriculum and its benefits assists in taking the right decision for your future. We wish you good luck in this life-changing and prosperous journey!



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