MBA International Internship Impact on the Career Progress

Posted by IIBS Business School On 04/04/2017 05:28:16

Visiting in a new country can be a completely new experience. While one of the most common ways to gain international exposure is to study abroad. There are other ways one can gain this experience. And nowadays foreign study tours provided by the best B-schools and international internship opportunities are ways in which people can gain international experience. Such tours have a very positive impact and provide various benefits to the students.

International Tours: The best B-schools nowadays, provide students with international exposure by organizing foreign study tours. These tours are essential for the students and have a positive impact on their personality. Students can understand the international strategies and processes in a better way.

International Internship: The first corporate experience that a student gets is through an internship. Students start making practical use of theoretical subjects in an internship. Taking up an internship provides the same benefits as studying abroad. You will make global connections and your professional network will not be limited to your home country. It will boost your resume.

Some other benefits of such tours are:

Learning about another culture: International tours and internships provide exposure to a new culture. This helps one gain a better understanding of the world and helps one diversify their values and thoughts. Therefore, one will find it easy to mingle with different cultures and work effectively in a global environment.

Career Progress: Going on a foreign internship abroad will make you stand out from the other candidates. This is because international experience enhances various skills such as communicating with other cultures, familiarly to international standards, etc.

Enhances your leadership skills: The leadership styles are different in different cultures. Thus, you will learn about different business and leadership styles.

Takes you out of your comfort zone: When you pursue a foreign internship program, you will have to prove yourself at different stages. You have the opportunity to learn something new each day.  This helps you get out of your comfort zone and bring out the best in you.

Therefore a foreign tour will enhance your MBA experience. So choose a B-school that offers international tours in their MBA program.


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