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Posted by Prof. Kuldeep Sharma On 02/05/2022 12:09:27

MBA in Global Luxury Management is a unique and popular academic program, aimed to teach aspiring students the entrepreneurial, managerial, and marketing skills necessary to thrive in the global luxury goods and services industry.

MBA in Global Luxury Management in India is a postgraduate program that will assist one to change into an expert manager in the global luxury industry. The program offers a holistic understanding of the developed luxury markets and the application of sales, marketing, and retail concepts in fast emerging markets such as India. The increase in demand for luxury goods, including spirits, fashion products, and jewelry, has boosted the demand for managerial talent and spurred business schools to create management programs focused on luxury markets. The real-life projects and industry-centric curriculum will help you gain an exhaustive knowledge of the entire range of the luxury industry's significantly unique markets.


MBA in Global Luxury Management eligibility criteria

  • Students with excellent communication and interpersonal skills are preferred for this course. 
  • Graduates with at least a Bachelor’s degree or any equivalent course from a recognized university in India or abroad.
  • Participants who have an ability and desire to work in the lavish space.
  • Participants with outstanding written and spoken communication skills, managerial and leadership skills, and the eagerness to meet the demands of a meticulous Master’s degree.

An MBA or a master’s degree in Luxury Management is targeted toward graduates aiming to establish a management career in companies dealing with luxury and premier products. These programs assist develop research and strategic, marketing, and management skills necessary to manage luxury international brands.

Career opportunities after PGDM/MBA in Global Luxury Management 


  • Luxury Brand Manager: They coordinate with diverse departments of the brand and guarantee smooth functioning. They also investigate the products and supervise production, marketing, and manufacturing units.
  • Fashion Retail Manager: Their work is to make sure that the right kind of product is displayed in the showroom as per the latest trends, and what quantity of various products would be kept in the showroom.
  • Fashion Good Product Manager: Their work is to plan products and their execution via different stages whether they are working with clothing, fashion accessories, footwear, etc.
  • Fashion PR Specialist: They work closely with actors, models, singers, etc., and take part in red carpets, fashion shows, etc. Their main role is to maintain an excellent image of their brand.
  • Visual Merchandising Manager: They make design themes and plans for the showroom including window and in-store displays, and the pricing ideas. They also use Mockshop, AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, etc. to create their plan.
  • Marketing: They plan a range of strategies to entice high-end clients. They also make budgets for a range of programs and collaborate with various promotional agencies.

After completing MBA in Global Luxury Management, an individual can expect to receive lucrative offers. Apart from this, there are other perks that a Luxury Brand Management graduate enjoys such as cash or other incentives, company-sponsored travel, five-star meals, holidays, and most important among all, networking with the most excellent in the business. The average salary can range between Rs 10-36 lakh per annum based on the profile and years of professional experience.

Luxury brand management in India has seen a sharp increase because of the influx of several luxury brands in the market over the past few years. India, one of the fastest-growing markets for luxury goods, is projected to take over China as the leading luxury market in the world. As per a report from Euro Monitor International, the luxury market of India was expected to grow 86 percent in continuous value terms between 2016 and 2021.

This trend has created a demand for professionals who are knowledgeable in the ins and outs of the luxury industry. Luxury brand management thus is an electrifying and profitable career path if you are interested in working with world-class luxury brands. Thus, the scope of luxury brand management is quite extensive. Luxury includes diverse fields, for instance, watches, cars, chocolates, wines, fashion, jewelry, and even services. Luxury brand management careers in India, thus, are aplenty. While you have to be ardent about a luxury management career path, a Master’s degree in luxury brand management will accelerate your success in the field.


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