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Problems of Agricultural Marketing System

India is a developing country and there are so many problems at farming sale or marketing. However, an arrangement can make safe and a good return on farmers' work people can make stable the market price of agricultural products. It can protect the concern of all customers and manufacturers. But unfortunately, at a country like India a developing one where farming marketing is not good and farmers face a lot of problems related to agriculture marketing some of them are under: mba in business analytics in bangalore

  1.  Lack of transport facilities: Poor communication and transport is the main problem of Agricultural marketing in India. Though India is a developing country and the rural area of the country is not related to the well-developed markets road. So it’s a major problem for farming products as it gets wasted as of loses of transportation and low connectivity by trains and roads.
  2. Poor quality of products: Today most of farmers have to face many financial problems. They are unable to purchase the good (HYV) High yielding a Variety of seeds and pesticides. Therefore, productivity is not so well only for that the price goes on decreasing or sales at a very low cost in the markets.
  3. Role of middlemen: The middlemen of the market also take a big share of the production of farmers without doing anything. It decreases the income of the farmers and they have to borrow money from the middlemen and sell their products at lower rates in the market.
  4. Improper grading: As it is a very common procedure is applied now a day’s also as agricultural products were mixed up with the worst materials or products not only in India but also at Pakistan. As there is no systematic procedure is applied for these crops. Only for this, there is a decrease in the demand for agricultural products in the world market.
  5. Lack of credit facilities: As cash on delivery facilities for the farmers are not adopted by the farmer’s requirements. To fulfill their needs the poor farmers to borrow money from private money lenders at a very high rate of interest. This makes the agricultural produce un-remunerative for the farmers.
  6.  The problem of produce collection: This problem produced in the collection is from the small farmers as it is of high price and needed much effort. It is a very big issue among the producing effect on marketing.
  7. Lack of storage facilities: As space is needed for storing as it is really or urgently needed by the manufacturer as well as the controlling system of our nation. The farmers required storing facility to store their produce and sell at the time of selling at suitable prices.
  8. The problem of weight and measures: In various parts of the country the weight and measures are not uniform. The farmers are facing the loss of time for buying and selling of their produce in the absence of standardized weights and measures all over the country.
  9. Market information: In India, most of the farmers are not educated. So they don’t know anything about market demand and supply. Only for this, they are not able to get the original price of their products in the market. They are forced to sell them products at the lowest prices, under distressed conditions. online mba colleges in bangalore

Measure to improve the Agricultural Marketing System

There are many measures, which can improve agricultural marketing. There should be many improvements to make the Indian agricultural marketing system more effective in the changing marketing scenario. mba business analytics bangalore

The following measures may be taken into account in order to develop a well-organized marketing system for agricultural goods.

  1. Improve transport facilities: For a well-organized system, Indian leaders or governors have to give more priority to the development of road facilities in rural areas which are linked with markets in the urban area. It will help the farmers to sell their products in the market directly to the customers.  mba in hr bangalore
  2. Increase in credit facility: The system should provide loans to farmers for storage facilities and for purchasing high-quality of improved seeds. The government has to build space for storing stocks of varieties of goods.
  3. Market reforms: The government has to help in the improvement of the marketing system of national market leaders have to recognize and market supervisors have to check the cost of farming. AICTE approved in Bangalore
  4. To build new markets: Manufacturer goods centers should be present near the new markets as its government duties. So the goods can be transported easily. It shall ensure that farmers should get the proper cost of their products.
  5. Freezing facilities: It is really needed and a part of the systematic structure of the market. It is very useful for goods or products like delicious fruits and vegetables. It government's duty to spend for cold storage for the Agricultural sector.
  6.  Proper merit of Products: Various organizations are present which are working for the rank of farming products. It’s really urgently needed to spread out among the organization for good marketing way.
  7. Market information: Market information should be known by the farmers through, televisions, newspapers,s and radio. Governments should be convent towards the betterment of the marketing system.
  8.  Marketing research: Farmers should be allocated the sufficient expenditure of their products through the government for marketing research. It made farming selling more and more effective and beneficial for the producers.


It is a well-known fact that agriculture has been the life of the Indian economy. However, its contribution is lower than that of service and manufacturing in the GDP. But, most of the services have been emerged due to modern agriculture. That is why, it has been concluded that marketing is a very important factor in economic growth. Therefore, we should improve the marketing system.

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