Posted by Tarun Saini On 25/09/2021 09:53:14

Science and management both are craving day by day therefore it’s a need for everyone to study these notions and pertain to them in real life. Earlier these subjects were looked upon individually but now the time has changed and we can correlate science with management. Science is characterised by some main attributes such as

1)  Universal laws:- scientific laws represent the basic truth about a particular field of inquiry. They are applicable in all circumstances, places, and times. For example, Newton's laws of motion are applicable everywhere irrespective of the place and time. Management also has some principles which are applied universally such as "Unity of Direction" which means whoever is engaged in the same activity should have a unified goal. This means all the people working in a company should have one goal and motive which will make the work easier and achieve the set goal easily.

2) Experiments and Observations:- Scientific principles are derived from experimental observances similarly management principles are also derived not only by Henry Fayol but also from the practical experiences of the managers working in the corporate society.

3) Causes and Effects:- laws of science depend upon various bases and may, directly and indirectly, affect them. Such as when we heat the water here heating is the cause and vaporization is the effect, likewise, management principles also depend on various factors and all of them are equally important. For instance, to increase the productivity in an organization the laborers should be given bonuses and wages appropriately such that they are compelled to work hard to achieve the organization's goals.

4) Validity test:- Scientific laws are tested at any point in time wherever you are. We get the same findings irrespective of niche. Management principles are also tested for validity, for instance, the principle of “Unity of command” can be tested by comparing two persons- one having a single boss and one having 2 bosses. The performance of 1st person will be better than 2nd.

It's rightly said that "Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet". Management has a systematic body and some rules are followed in them just like in science. To solve the daily life problems emerging while managing they use these laws practically to overcome various situations.




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