The culture at IIBS is built on an ideology of learning and growing with passion

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 26/10/2016 01:25:56

According to a famous saying, a plant is well grown and nurtured in the right environment. It beautifully correlates with how a student is nourished in an IIBS campus. Here, each student is like clay which if moulded rightly, can turn out to be a beautiful piece of art!

The culture at IIBS is built on an ideology of learning and growing with passion and compassion. Each individual’s strengths and weaknesses are identified appropriately and accordingly are guided to pursue the right stream to build their future. The culture here promotes learning through experience which encourages them to explore their abilities and carve out their best version. This is possible only when students are given the right platform to do so and freedom to choose what their interest lies in.

The faculty here also drives the vision of the student and enables them to chase their dreams. They provide the right infrastructure and knowledge base to them and encourage peer and group learning. They have cultivated an all round approach towards developing the students for this challenging and ever-changing environment. For this they have outbound activities and games which hone their minds for better creativity and entrepreneurial skills. They develop and inculcate team building, leadership and other managerial traits by participating in such activities.

Over all, the culture set at IIBS is well thought and researched to ensure students are exposed to the right environment at the right degree to accelerate future growth and eventually achieve success, academically and professionally.


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