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Posted by Anil Kumar R On 25/05/2022 12:09:38

Here below are brief glimpses into the lives of the top 6 entrepreneurs with MBA degrees and no previous business history.

1. Elon Musk

He is an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

Net Worth: USD 282 Billion (2022)

He was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and later migrated to the United States. There, his ground-breaking career has factually risen. Elon Musk is globally renowned as a business entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, and venture investor. Widely recognized as the Founder and CEO of space exploration business SpaceX, he is also the Founder of luxury electric automobiles maker Tesla Motors and chairman of Solar City. In previous, he established Zip2 and PayPal, and, he is currently contemplating some pretty futuristic ideas, such as the colonization and terraforming of Mars. At the present, Musk is exercising his creative talents by constructing a high-speed transportation system under the name of Hyperloop. He is also working on an electric VTOL supersonic jet aircraft. He now resides in Bel Air, Los Angeles USA.


2. Larry Page

MBA from Instituto de Empresa

Net Worth: USD 105 Billion (2022)

Larry Page is Google’s founding CEO and developed the firm to more than 135,000 people. He continues to share responsibility for Google’s day-to-day operations. He is the son of Michigan State University computer science professor Dr. Carl Victor Page, Page’s passion for computers began at age six. While following in his father’s footsteps in academics, Page became a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he obtained a BSc in engineering, with a focus on computer engineering. While in the Ph.D. program in computer science at Stanford University, Page met Sergey Brin and together they built and controlled Google, which began running in 1998.


3. Michael Bloomberg

He is an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Net Worth: US$ 59 Billion

He is the 7th richest individual in the United States and probably the 13th richest person in the world. Michael Rubens Bloomberg is no new name in the business sector. Born in the United States, he is a business entrepreneur, politician, and philanthropist. He also served as the Mayor of New York City. He Founded Blomberg L.P., which is an international financial data and media firm that provides investment banks and enterprises throughout the world with crucial financial data. Bloomberg was elected the 108th mayor of New York City. First elected in 2001, he held office for three consecutive terms, earning re-election in 2005 and 2009.


4. Phil Knight

He is an MBA from the Stanford Business School

Net Worth: USD 45.5 Billion (2022)

Just do it! We’re sure you must have heard that before. Sure, Phil Knight undoubtedly “did” it in his profession by starting the world-renowned Nike Inc. He carried Nike relatively far and successfully developed it into a highly prominent corporation internationally. He added that he got business acumen in his MBA class at Stanford Business School and here is where he learned that he can create a true entrepreneur. He is also the proprietor of the stop motion picture production firm Laika. He has contributed almost $2 billion to the three universities. Knight enrolled in the army and spent one year on active service and seven years in the Army Reserve.

5. Frank Batten

He is an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Net Worth: $1.7 billion (2022)

Do you desire to know what the weather’s like? Ask Frank Batten! He was born in Norfolk Virginia, USA, and was the Co-founder of the first nationwide, 24-hour cable weather station. He passed away in 2009, his legacy lives on via the advancement of newspapers and television stations all throughout the USA. He obtained his MBA from Harvard back in 1952 and used it to his maximum advantage when purchasing media firms and finally becoming the Co-founder of The Weather Channel. Batten sold TeleCable (a multi-system cable TV provider) in 1995 to TCI for $1 billion. 

His donations to colleges and institutions include $32 million to the Harvard Business School and $60 million to the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.

So do we need MBA?

An MBA, the full form is a Master of Business Administration and this is a post-graduate degree geared to strengthening leadership abilities and understanding business concepts. For the majority of graduates, MBAs provide considerably more than that: a greater professional network, access to employment, and larger pay.

In a few circumstances, the total influence of an MBA can take a few years to come to completion, and if you’re in it for the incorrect motives, you might not succeed in the results you want. Some applicants enroll in a Business School to seek an entrepreneurial option. They generally go on to build their own start-ups or join early-stage start-ups, including those started by graduates.

Some of the most notable and successful business people of today’s globe have MBA degrees, and their number outweighs the number of college dropouts! None of these have a family business background. The money they created was through their own efforts. The job produced was their own dream, nothing stolen!

If you’ve had any skepticism that the MBA is not impactful and adequate in real-life companies, you must consider it again.

You surely have heard of the college dropout stories of great business people who are now making millions. Although these examples are genuine, accurate, and right, it by no means shows that education does not contribute value to business sense and success. Maybe you were not aware that some of the extremely visible and successful today’s businesspeople of the globe have an MBA degree.

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