What is the scope of an MBA in International Business from Bangalore?

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 19/03/2018 05:45:32

If you are looking for a management program with international standards and acumen, then IIBS is the place to be! IIBS – International Institute for Business Studies is located very conveniently in Bangalore, Karnataka with a huge campus, world-class facilities and premium faculty. The lecturers and professors are esteemed professionals coming from varied backgrounds and bring along more than two decades of enriched experience with them.

It is one of the top 7 international business colleges in India and stands tall for its practical approach towards teaching and learning. IIBS offer MBA programs with various conventional and unconventional specializations. Bangalore being the city to watch out for, thanks to the massive growth in technology and management front, there is huge investment from the government and multi-national companies. This has accelerated the demand for an MBA in International Business Specialisation with a standard at par. Here, IIBS differentiates itself and stands true to what it is – producing fresh and unique talent every year which is ready to capture the industry with innovative and distinctive approach.

If you have even remote plans to do an MBA with a difference, IIBS is the college with everything that you can ask for. Apart from the facilities and faculty, the placement and support provided by the college is as promising as it can get. Every student realizes his/her potential and strengths and is accordingly directed to do what they are best at.

How’s that for an international college experience right in your neighbourhood? Top up with a life time experience of rich learning – Bliss!

We wish you luck.


IIBS Bangalore Welcome you to experience the superior professionalism and CSS - Cultural Connection as you pass through IIBS and let the change begin within you through IIBS.