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Posted by Dr. Rajasulochana On 10/06/2022 11:53:37

Today's education is such that you can learn anything online. Generally called virtual learning, one does not have to go to a college to earn a professional degree. All you need to do is enroll online with a prescribed fee. The courseware and tuition are available on electronic gadgets like desktops, laptops, and even smartphones. Even the exam happens online. Then, is it not a great idea that we altogether embrace this novel way of getting a professional degree such as an MBA. Well, the reaction would be: why not? But then, embracing the online medium for MBA has its own pitfalls.

First, there is hardly any scope for learning in a team. MBA is so much about people skills. Therefore, it is necessary that team skills and learning as a team are made available. The drawback of online learning is that learning in a team is impossible because you learn remotely without face-to-face interaction with your peers.

Second, obviously, there is no tutor-touch in online learning. Most of us know what charm can teachers can create inside the classroom. Learning from such well-learned teachers is something incomparable to face-less online learning. It is impossible to reinforce the learning in a virtual medium with no faculty aid. This perhaps is the most crucial lacuna in electronic learning.

Third, you will not get to enjoy campus life. Most of us would agree that campus life is irreplaceable. What you learn on campus would remain etched in your memory. It is an experience that no one would want to forgo. In isolated online learning, it is not possible to create that charm of campus life.

Fourth, there is certainly the absence of an industry interface. MBA is all about the practical experience through industrial visits and interaction with the corporate world. Can you create an ambiance for industrial interface in online learning?

Finally, there is no scope for alumni interaction & career progress in the electronic medium of MBA learning. Another significant shortcoming in isolated learning is that it does not encourage student interaction through alumni associations. The importance of alumni association is well-known. It encourages constructive dialog with professionals, and seniors, and helps in career progression.

To conclude, online learning may fit those professionals who do not have the time to attend a classroom MBA. For those who desire to do a full-fledged MBA, the regular MBA is the only way out. Moreover, recruiters give preference to those who have done regular MBAs from reputed B-Schools. International Institute of Business Studies-IIBS, which stands in the elite list of B-Schools, offers you the best MBA program.

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