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Posted by Prof. NSR Murthy On 19/09/2022 09:35:25

On September 17, 2022, the IIBS Alumni Association hosted a virtual meet. This gathering was just for IIBS MBA students from the 2014 and 2015  batch. It was an effort to rekindle relations with the Alumni and honour their numerous successes. The IIBS Alumni Association's goal is to establish and preserve enduring relationships with graduates who are active in a variety of professions. The alumni association is very active and works to develop the institute.

Alumni were invited to participate in this online programme by the alumni committee via personal email,s, WhatsApp and Telegram messages, as well as phone calls and personal messages.The alumini organisation also maintained groups on Telegram and WhatsApp for a long time.This programme has gathered alumni who are employed in a variety of industries.

At 10:00 am, a virtual lamp was lit to mark the beginning of the Alumni Meet. In his inaugural address, Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Academic Director of IIBS, greeted all former students.

He explained the importance of alumni associations in ensuring that students maintain both a professional and an emotional connection to their college. Former students' professional knowledge and expertise may be used to benefit the current students. Each alumnus was asked to share their experiences with the current batch of students, as doing so would help to build up their confidence and shape their skill sets in accordance with industry expectations.

Dr. Jay Prakash, Honorary Chairman, attended the meeting as the special guest. He outlined the rationale behind the planning of this alumni gathering in his remarks. He stated that the college's former students serve as role models for the current batch of students. Through alumni associations and social commitment between the college and the student, these interactions are highly helpful for passing on knowledge. Even so, there is a strong professional bond between alumni and their alma mater.  Also mentioned was the upcoming preparation of a big offline alumni association meeting by the college and alumni associations. Additionally, he gave the Alumni the assurance that one Alumni meeting would be held each month. In order to build a strong alumni network, even IIBS is working on an application for the alumni association that will be released right away. He said that an institution's reputation was based not just on its leadership and personnel, but also on the accomplishments and growth of its students.

A keynote speech was given by Prof. NSR Murthy. He was delighted with the enthusiastic response from the alumni. He expressed his opinion on the necessity of alumni engagement and participation in the institute's overall development. He gave the assurance that every graduate would receive full support from the college for quicker professional growth, particularly for start-ups and all. He asked all of the former students to address the current students about their achievements.

Alumni from the classes of 2014 and 2015 spoke during this session. Mr. Dixit, Assistant Manager at HSBC, claimed that the IIBS was solely responsible for his professional advancement and that he would be immensely thankful to the organisation. Mr. Suresh Koujulgi reaffirmed his willingness to support the development of college students. Mr. Preetham, an Infosys employee, said that his time spent on the campus of IIBS will always be among his most treasured memories. He also extended gratitude to those who organised the occasion.

The Management students from the class of 2021 actively organised and took part in this fantastic, remarkable event to make it a success. Each alumnus talked about their time at IIBS and how the institution aided their professional development. The 2014 batch received a vote of gratitude from Prof. Shibanand Das, and the 2015 batch received it from Dr. Syed Shahid Raza.

 “Nobody is Bothered about an institution more than its Alumni”  – NR Narayana Murthy -

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