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Posted by Prof.Rajesh On 03/09/2022 07:12:15

Prof.Rajesh, a faculty member at IIBS, led this session on the 5th day of the MOM programme by interacting with the MBA 2022 batch students. Making the students aware of personal finance and how to plan personal financial metrics was the session's main goal. He assisted the students in creating their financial goals for the next two years during the session. MBA in project management in Bangalore

He gave instructions on how to create a financial plan that can support the advancement of their careers. They were given a brief explanation of the financial planning steps and helped to understand them. Additionally, He helped students understand the requirements and the process for applying for education loans from a personal perspective. The following points were highlighted in the conversation:best colleges for mba correspondence in Bangalore

  • Finding the Financial Goals and Financial Planning Process.
  • Procedural steps for student loans. 
  • Understanding the credit report from Credit, CIBIL, and TransUnion.
  • Understanding how to use the apps for personal loans and credit cards.

The outcome of the session was, that the students now have a better understanding of personal finance, which will enable them to make sensible financial decisions and direct them toward leading happy, self-sufficient lives. A financial quiz was given as a way of winding up the session. The session was enthusiastically attended by all the students. A++ Rated MBA college in Bangalore

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