Introduction to Digital Library | MOM Programme | Day-3 | MBA program in Bangalore

Posted by Mr Umesh On 26/08/2022 06:41:19

Mr Umesh, Librarian at IIBS, led a session on the Library and Information Centre on the second day of the MBA 2022 batch MOM programme. The presentation's goal is to help students understand the value of libraries in gathering knowledge from various sources and applying it in real life. This is a minor effort to ensure that the students meet corporate expectations.

The session began with basic terminologies such as knowledge, information, and library. The importance of libraries and how they have been transformed into information centres. The utilisation of library and information centre resources. It is the user education programme that teaches people how to use the library. The overall purpose of the session is to introduce students to library materials and raise awareness of e-resources.

He instructed students to use the library's e-resources on and off campus and to search databases using collective vocabularies, such as J-Gate, Proquest, and NDLI. The practical application of library software was carried out in order to obtain administrative information from the library department.

A brief overview of corporate expectations and the resources available to enter the job market is provided. Students gain an understanding of corporate expectations by reading daily business newspapers and magazines. Word Power Made Easy, Emotional Intelligence, and Blue Ocean Strategy are three important books for management aspirants to read. Throughout the session, students demonstrate active participation.

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