AMACE – A Management Activity for Creativity Enhancement

On 17/09/2021 11:26:27

AMACE is a creativity-enhancing activity that is more entrepreneurial in nature. The participants are encouraged to showcase their artistic skills, imagination, creativity, innovative ideas incorporating them in the 3D modeling of industries new or existing, and presenting the business plan, facts & figures. Business solutions are the basis for start-ups that are gaining a lot of prominences these days. It is basically an event that improves students’ creativity skills & practical approach which motivates students to create new innovative ideas. This entire session was handled by Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, Director, Academics, and Prof. Manoranjan, Placement Officer.


  •  Learning to present the idea and difficulties faced such as time constraints & meeting the deadlines etc
  • To know each other, not only by names but also by work habits & knowledge
  • Encouraging to use items from waste & recycling to save the environment


Teams came up with their best business ideas for multiple industries. Some of them were the In-house Industry for farmers, the Model on Deforestation due to urbanization, the In-house tea production industry, the Hybrid organic farming complex, etc.

All teams competed for Quality of Planning, Organizing the Team & Tasks, and Execution of the task in time.\

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