An Auspicious Event of Durga Pooja and Ethnos (2021)– IIBS Ethic Day

Posted by Prof. Manoranjan On 13/10/2021 12:42:01

Navaratri is a Hindu festival that spans nine nights (and ten days), these 10 days we worship Mahishasuramardini which refers to the goddess who killed the evil Asura – Mahishasura. This festival is a depiction of killing the evil inside ourselves and make a path to positivity. 

Goddess Durga signifies Shakthi i.e, power, seeking the power to fight the evil and gather some positivity to end the present year and start the new year we at the International Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore celebrated the Navaratri with pious and grace.

We also had a color code for consecutive 9 days which ended the celebration with an auspicious event of Durga Pooja and Ethnos (2021)– IIBS Ethic Day.

The different colors we wear signifies different aspects of our lives, Blue attributes Calm, Wisdom, Trust, and Integrity Green attributes to Health, Growth, Environment, Tranquility, and Harmony,

So on…, 

But the ultimate impetus of this event is to motivate students to gain positivity in the future and work hard towards their destinations and infuse Unity in Diversity. 


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