An Ice-Breaking Session for the New Batch of MBA at IIBS Bangalore Campus

Posted by Prof. Samiya Mubeen On 14/09/2021 09:04:51

To encourage students to talk to one another and to share some information about themselves. Dr. H Prabhakar and Dr. Samir Pradhan took the initiative to start the session for a new batch of MBA 2018 -20 batch with an ice-breaking session. Ice-breaking can be as simple as asking students to turn to one another and introduce themselves to the people sat next to them, or they can be complex lengthy activities where students can find a lot out about each other. For some students, finding themselves in a group of other students is a problem for some they ’ll have already started to make friends. Ice-breakers are a gentle way of ensuring that, All students start to talk to one another and find out the names of the people they will be studying with at IIBS Bangalore.

The objective of the Ice breaking session

  • To Warm Up or Get to Know One Another in the class.
  • To Practice Cooperative Learning and come out of comfort zone.
  • To Learn and Practice communication Skills

Professors of IIBS Bangalore, Dr. H Prabhakar and Dr. Samir Pradhan during the 2018-20 academic year identified what students wanted from their ice-breaking session. The three main factors were:

  1. Will I make any friends?
  2. Who will I be working with for next two years in IIBS?
  3. Who will I be living with for next two years in IIBS?

Ice-breakers are one of the tools of teaching faculties to help students to answer these questions. It would be overstating the case to claim that ice-breakers are all that is required to enable students to develop friendships, but they are one technique teaching staff can use to engender an environment in which such friendships can blossom. Ice-breakers are relatively-active, energetic activities. Lecturers need to congruently communicate this in the way they facilitate the activity. Some of the glimpse of the ice breaking session by Dr. H Prabhakar and Dr. Samir Pradhan.


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