Auditorium – a platform for interactive learning

Posted by Bansh On 07/02/2017 06:33:23

Auditorium is a platform where students get to an opportunity to rehearse the drills that they would eventually encounter when they step out to the real corporate world. Therefore, a state-of-the art auditorium is an indispensable component of a management institute that truly believes in preparing its students for the rigors of real business world. IIBS, being a responsible business school, has integrated each of its MBA colleges in Bangalore, Noida, and Kolkata with modern auditorium facilities.

  • Singular feature of these facilities is that they can accommodate a large gathering at a time.
  • Seating is ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable experience during the course of meetings, conferences, discussions, etc.
  • They are all centrally air-conditioned to create a conducive environment inside the halls.
  • Surround and clear sound-system to aid clear dissemination of views and discussions across the participants.
  • Large Digital monitors to relay live images across the halls.
  • Such modern and futuristic have been stage for students, faculty, and corporate personalities for regular interfaces, conferences and other events.
  • All these platforms have been witness to gathering of global thought leaders, academic gurus, corporate heads, sharing their corporate experiences with students.


IIBS Bangalore welcome you to experience the superior professionalism and css-cultural connection as you pass through IIBS and let the change begin within you through IIBS.