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Posted by Dr. Rajasulochana On 10/03/2022 10:19:37

The importance of fundraising as an element of any social marketing campaign is a consideration for many of the associations engaging in social marketing 

Many social marketing campaigns are developed by nonprofits and governmental organizations that recognize the value of the public good they are marketing but have no mechanism for capturing, leveraging, or monetizing it in the same way that commercial marketing can. Best B-school in Bangalore

Therefore, such organizations are often dependent on foundation and government dollars for their campaigns

Government is one of the major sources of funding for social marketing as most of the messages communicated through social marketing are helpful in transformation or creating awareness in society. 

Certain corporate companies emerge as a source of funding as it comes within the purview of their corporate social responsibility. One of the examples can be advertisements from Royal challengers appreciating the COVID warriors. MBA programs in Bangalore


  • The effectiveness of Social marketing program can be gauged through the number of people responding to the campaign 
  • These days most of the campaigns are done through digital platforms assessing the response of the interested people and viewers responding to the same has become easier. 
  • Campaign effectiveness can also be understood through behavioral changes in the society such as focusing on a particular area for creating awareness about educating girl children and increasing the number of girls going to school in that area. This method may be a time consuming one 
  • In terms of the number of people, the census method is one of the ways adapted to understand access and reach. 
  • Viewers responding on social media in the form of messages and the number of individuals blogging in terms through the digital platforms can be a good way to project the number of people connecting with social marketing.  
  • Conducting an online survey which can be in the form of open-ended or options-based questions can be a good and quick method of understanding the level of response for social marketing programs. 
  • Establish a tracking system -- how will you know when you are making progress towards your goals? Choose measures to follow that will tell you if you are making progress. These measures will often be the objectives you have already found or might be even smaller measures.
  • Continue to modify your work based on results. If something isn't working, a small alteration is often enough to improve it significantly. If you're not sure what to do, ask members of the groups you targeted what they think.
  • Finally, celebrate your accomplishments! Community change takes a long time to bring about; and (especially) if you're running a successful social marketing campaign, you're probably in for the long haul. So when small victories happen, make them the cause for a big celebration.


  • As a distinct discipline, social marketing aims at promoting behaviors that benefit society as well as the individual.
  • A social marketing veteran — points out that “social marketing can be applied wherever one has a target audience and a behavior one wants to influence
  • The core of social marketing is its audience orientation — it seeks to understand what people want and why they do what they do.
  • It adopts an audience-centered instead of an organization-centered approach to gain a more systemic view of the issue. 
  • At the heart of this approach is the exchange theory: The new behavior must be seen as having a higher value than the current behavior.
  • The final bottom line is not simply to enhance awareness or change attitudes towards an issue but to motivate and empower people to take the desired behavior. 
  • This distinction is important as we live in a world in which our attention span and commitment are constantly being tested by competitive messages and offerings.


  • Health and hygiene among lower income group
  • Family planning
  • Caste discrimination
  • smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • AIDS
  • Child labor
  • Female infanticide



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