Campus to Corporate - A Training by Mrs. Sheela at IIBS Bangalore Campus

Posted by Prof. Samiya Mubeen On 05/07/2018 04:56:18

Under the leadership of the professional trainer Mrs. Sheela. The transition from College to a corporate environment is a big adjustment for many graduates. Expectations and responsibilities in the workplace are very different than those in College. There are unspoken nuances and social norms that many graduates are completely unaware of and adjusting to a professional environment can be extremely challenging as also traumatic to a few.

Excellence in each activity we do leads to the success we desire. Excellence is not a virtue or bless, it’s an art to learn and possess. When excellence becomes habit success follows willingly. A vital range of students turned into highly employable skilled professionals, average professionals turned into exceptionally great performers and small business aspirants turned into globally recognized entrepreneurs. It’s not because they are born special, it’s because they have gone through a process to learn to be excellent in each activity they did and do. It nurturing excellence and revoking individual’s hidden potential since its inception. Skills Ahead provide a focused & customized Campus to corporate program.

The objective of Campus to Corporate

This action will help in grooming the student from campus itself to transformation their skills, etiquette to become a responsible corporate person.


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