Carpe Diem IIM-C Championship 2k17 on 28th & 29th Sept. at IIBS International Airport Campus, Bangalore

On 06/10/2017 00:45:41

Carpe-Diem IIM-C Championship 2k17-18 by Indian institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C), an annual National level competition for management students. IIBS International Airport Campus, Bangalore collaboratively in association with Carpe-Diem had organized college level Two days 1st Round of Carpe Diem Championships workshop focused on   Business Analytics, conducted successfully at IIBS Airport campus, Bangalore on 28th & 29th September 2017. The program headed by corporate trainer Prof. Amit Chikla. He is a consummate professional, having good leadership qualities & rich corporate experience.

The session started by the address of Prof. Amit Chilka, on corporate life. He first spoke about the individual’s objective and the skills that must be possessed by any candidate, for which corporate organizations are looking for.

He, discussed about the success, how an individual defines the success. It can differ from person to person. How to achieve the success, what inference can be drawn from it. Prof. Amit suggested the 3 steps for attaining the success which are

  1. GOAL
  2. PLAN
  3. ACTION  

While talking about the Business Analytics, He emphasize on fundamentals of analytics & its significance in day-to-day life. The topic he covered by him

  1. Data Mining
  2. Data Normalization / Standardization
  3. Data  Visualization
  4. Analysis

Also, he taught about different stages of analytics like plan, scope, elicit analysis, design, build or buy decision, test, implementation and post analysis.

The use of RACI MATRIX where R stands for Responsible, A stands for Accountability stands for consultant & I stand for informs.

The session was full of various skill development activities like Discussing about retirement goal of each member, Different goals & plans for achieving the same etc.

Overall, the workshop is all about the analytics, its application in various management activities & implementing of decision based on data collected from different source. 

CONGRATULATIONS!! Winners of 1st Round, who would participate in Carpe Diem event at IIM-C, Kolkata in January 2018 are:

1. Eashwra Sankrityayan S

2. Bipul kumar Roy

3. Pavithra GR

4. Pankaj Sutar

5. Manoj kumar



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