Corporate Grooming & Etiquette Session-2016 at IIBS B-School

Posted by Santosh Sahni On 17/12/2016 05:42:54

Grooming plays a very crucial role in today’s corporate world and it is very imperative to recognize the importance of the first impression and how visual appearance and etiquette impact our professional effectiveness at the workplace. Why we use film stars & models on the hoardings & advertisements –it’s simple- Good looks and grooming is an attraction for everyone. Talent, hard work and dedication is what keeps us in our jobs; our appearance, personality and self-confidence contribute largely to our interactions with colleagues, senior management teams, customers and sometimes job promotion.Moreover, corporate grooming is always referred as ‘Sensible Styling’ at workplace which is well accepted in the organization and also helps a person to make the First Impression in the first meeting.

Considering the importance of Grooming, a session was organized for students to explain and exhibit how looks can enhance their confidence.  Image Consultants were invited to groom a few students to demonstrate how a well-groomed person can not only look good but also feel good about themselves. Grooming surely enhances person’s confidence & overall personality.

The Director, the Dean, the Assistant Dean and all the faculty members including the students of IIBS, Bangalore were present on the occasion. The session started at 12:30 pm on 2ndApril, 2016 in the IIBS auditorium. Dr. K. Ramadas, Director IIBS Bangalore inaugurated the session and spoke about the importance of grooming in the corporate world.

Initially, a session on ‘Business Card Etiquette’ was organized to describe the most effective way to exchange the business cards. A few scenarios were demonstrated to make the learning more impactful.

This was followed by a Corporate Grooming Presentation by the students to make them aware of the formal & informal clothing and the accessories. Thereafter, a quiz was organized for the students to check their level of understanding and prizes were given to them.
Post the hair styling and makeup, all the grooming volunteers (both boys and girls) were asked to speak about their experiences. They said that they were already feeling like managers after the grooming. ‘Before’&‘After’ pictures were clicked to show the difference.

It is very important to feel good about the way you look and personal grooming helps you create a presence that exudes professionalism, leadership, confidence and elegance.


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