Corporate Guidance by Leadership Coach Dr. B.C. Rao at IIBS

Posted by Prof. Prabhakar H On 23/09/2017 05:34:37

Corporate Interface Team (CIT) 2017 held on 20th Septempber 2017 at IIBS Airport campus Bangalore. The program was chaired by honorable chief guest Dr. B.C. Rao, CEO & Managing Director, Kennametal India Pvt Ltd. Along with him, the program was headed by Dr. K Ramadas Director (Academic), IIBS

The program started with a lightning of lamp by Chief Guest along with director and faculty members with an invocation song. The event continued with the addressing speech of our Dean Prof. Kuldeep Sharma, emphasizing the importance of corporate world and the management ethics. The spoke in details about the basic management principals governed by the corporate world, what is the essential prerequisites to be possessed by any candidate/ individuals to enter the corporate world.

Next, the program went on with the addressing of director Dr. K Ramadas. The discussed on the 3C’s necessary in a corporate world. i.e. Commitment, Capability, and Confidence. Any student who wants to join the corporate world must be capable of having a great deal of confidence to do his talk with commitment They also suggested that working together as a team will add more value to the organization.

The program followed with the addressing of B.C. Rao the spoke in details about the importance of corporate interface team. He emphasizes the fact, how prepared an individual should be in the corporate, the corporate expectation and how to excel and move on in corporate life toward higher levels.

The enlightened us about the three basic rules needed to move up in corporate life they are

  1. Digitization
  2. Automation
  3. Technology

He also discussed the fact that we have to stay updated with all these and to survive in the corporate lastly. He spoke about the value-added program and the activities of an individual must be possessed i.e., risk talking, ability of perception and being visible.

The program was followed by the vote of thanks by Dr. Raja Sulochana thanking all dignitaries presented and taken of gratitude presented by director Dr. K Ramadas to Mr.B.C. Rao with National Anthem.


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